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Stake Reward updates every minute. You can withdraw them even every minute


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8% is referral reward.




When someone stake perodium using your referral link you will earn 8% as reward

Example: if someone stake 1000 perodium you will earn 80 perodium as "Referral Reward"


What is staking dapp ?

Staking dapp is a decentralized application (dapp) build on tron blockchain.

Every 24 hours smart contract will add 2% of your stake deposit to your balance as "Stake Reward".

That means you will get 2% of your stake investments each 24 hours.

More over, this will continue forever.

For example in 50 days contract will return 100% of your first stake deposit.

Withdraw your stake reward anytime !

Just click "Withdraw Rewards" button above and claim your reward.

Stake reward updates every minute.

You can withdraw them even every minute.

Can I send funds from exchanges ?

You will lost your funds. Do not use exchanges. Use only your own personal wallet!

What happens if contract owners disapper?

Actually, nothing ! Smart contract will be safe with all the balance. And it will continue to pay you every day.

It works independent from anyone or anything.

Where can i buy perodium token ?

Perodium Decentralized Exchange : Buy & Sell Perodium

How to interact with staking dapp ?

To interact with staking dapp you must have a tron wallet that support TronWeb / dapps.

Example: is a bridge for allowing TRON DApps to run in the browser without having to deploy a TRON Full Node. This allows for the web DApp to interact with the TRON network.

Check this tutorial: How to interact with dapps

- For PC we recommend TronLink Chrome Extension: Click Here

- For Android we recommend Click Here

- For IOS we recommend Click Here