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Buy Perodium


Perodium Buy Price: 0.002 Tron = 1 Perodium




You will get: Perodium


Buy Perodium


Sell Perodium


Perodium Sell Price: 1 Perodium = 0.0015 Tron




You will get: Tron (TRX)


Sell Perodium

How to interact with perodium decentralized exchange ?

To interact with perodium decentralized exchange you must have a tron wallet that support TronWeb / dapps.

Example: is a bridge for allowing TRON DApps to run in the browser without having to deploy a TRON Full Node. This allows for the web DApp to interact with the TRON network.

Check this tutorial: How to interact with dapps

- For PC we recommend TronLink Chrome Extension: Click Here

- For Android we recommend Click Here

- For IOS we recommend Click Here

When the price rate will be changed ?

The price rate (Buy and Sell) will be changed every month !

January rate: Buy = 0.001 Tron (TRX) | Sell = 0.0005 Tron (TRX)

February rate: Buy = 0.002 Tron (TRX) | Sell = 0.0015 Tron (TRX)

For March the price rate will be:

Buy Perodium : 0.004 Tron (TRX)

Sell Perodium : 0.003 Tron (TRX)