9 Best Cryptocurrency Apps in 2021

Just like you will find apps for almost every service that you need these days, there are also cryptocurrency apps for your convenience. These let you execute trades on-the-go using your tablets and smartphones. Cryptocurrencies were shrouded in much controversy when they originally debuted, but they are now steadily making their way into mainstream adoption. Buying and selling or even holding of crypto coins is much easier today than ever before. And this has been possible to a large extent because of the readily available crypto apps that are usually free to download on both iOS and Android phones.

  1. EToro has been recommended for beginners in crypto trading because as seen here this app allows you to connect, discuss market trends, and share trade strategies with a large user community. On signing up you will be provided with $100,000 for practicing cryptocurrency trading in a digital portfolio; this helps you to learn the ropes.
  2. Gemini allows you to construct a robust portfolio and execute smart trades and stay abreast of the latest market trends with its user-friendly tools. You can monitor real-time prices of assets and set alerts to respond quickly to lucrative trade opportunities. You can even schedule recurrent crypto and Bitcoin buys. Gemini is known for high-end cyber security solutions. You can register free and start buying in less than 3 minutes.
  3. Crypto Pro is known for its privacy feature and can work with Apple Watch, iPad, iPhones and Mac. The app is free for downloading and provides custom icons and widgets, candlestick charts, advanced notifications, live price alerts, wallet imports, touch ID, face ID lock, iCloud with sync feature, etc.
  4. Coinbase is undeniably the best solution for newcomers who wish to know more about trading options and simply want to dabble in some crypto coins at start. Coinbase is a beginner-friendly exchange allowing you to sell and buy cryptos easily. Once verification is over you can start using your credit card or bank accounts to buy crypto coins. You can even earn cryptos for free by educating yourself about them. The app operates in almost 32 nations and has plans for expansion.
  5. Altrady allows you to trade through its all-in-one crypto trade software and you can track your performances, trade across multiple exchanges, and improve your skills. You can find the right trade actions with reliability and speed and its innovative technology allows you to respond to changes in markets efficiently.
  6. Kraken allows easy deposits and withdrawals and you can assess your portfolio performance, track digital assets, and enjoy versatile funding choices, and strict security measures, all for low fees. You can do margin trading to increase profits.
  7. Binance accounts for some of the bigger trade volumes worldwide and traders use the main website for buying and selling pairs. You can download the app for free and it works on both Android and iOS phones. You can avail of a large number of crypto trading pairs.
  8. Blockchain app is recommended for beginners and the app serves almost 61 million users since 2013. The mobile solution can be availed in 21 languages and the app supports multiple cryptos. The user interface is simple and clean and sending or receiving coins is fast with a few clicks.
  9. Blockfolio is known as an excellent crypto tracker app and you never have to rely on third-party portfolio trackers to monitor your investments anymore. It is feature-rich and free of cost. You can track more than 10,000 cryptos across many exchanges.


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